Time to register for the 2016-2017 FRC season

All high school students on FRC Team 4931 should now register with FIRST and with ERC. Please contact one of the mentors if you have questions or problems.

Step 1: Register with ERC

This is pretty easy: have a parent or guardian fill out the registration form at the ERC website and follow all the instructions.

Step 2: Register with FIRST

All students should follow the registration instructions at FIRST’s student website. New students will need to create a new account, while returning students should log into the account they created in a previous year (which is a new web application that replaces the old STIMS).

Be sure to complete all steps! Remember our team number is “4931”, our FIRST program is “FRC” (or “FIRST Robotics Competition”), and you’re signing up for the 2017 FRC season. And if asked, please provide a valid parent’s email address — FIRST will send an email to them asking them to complete the registration process and sign the consent form. You and your parent/guardian will receive an email when we add you to our official team roster.

FIRST changed their website this past year, and although a bit better this year it is unfortunately still as easy as it should be. Let us know if you have any problems.