STEM Day at Woodland Elementary

Today we participated in Woodland Elementary’s STEM Day. What a great way for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to end their school year – a full day of STEM-related activities and projects. For the last event of the day, all 450 students and teachers got together in the gym to spend 20 minutes with our team.

We showed one of our videos while our students talked about FIRST, FRC, how the competitions work, and how they design, build, program, and test our robots. Then to the delight of the elementary students, our team demonstrated our 5ft-tall 120lb robot, showing among other things how it can drive, catch, and pass the large 2ft-diameter game ball. We concluded by telling the students that they, too, can get involved in robotics thanks to multiple area programs. (Edwardsville Robotics Club, our parent organization, now has multiple teams at the JrFLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC levels.)

Driving FRC Team 4931's robot at Woodland Elementary STEM Day FRC Team 4931 at Woodland Elementary STEM Day

This was our 4th outreach event since the end of the 2014 FRC season. It’s great to watch our students get up in front of large audiences and share their infectious excitement, passion and knowledge of robotics!