Schedule for the next few weeks

Tonight’s meeting is cancelled. Unfortunately several of our mentors have conflicts.

Sorry about all the recent last-minute meeting cancellations. We hate having to cancel them, but even more with late notice. This is a busy time of year for many of us, and all the students will soon have finals. So we’re going to adjust our regular meeting schedule for the next few weeks. The team calendar should reflect this schedule:

Sunday, December 14 – Please try and attend. We’d like to see as many team members (students and mentors) as possible (3-5PM at St. Johns) to:

  • make sure everyone is registered (both for ERC and with FIRST)
  • give an update on the build site (things are looking good, still not finalized)
  • discuss details about the kickoff event on January 3 (who is going to Clayton, when we’re meeting, where we’ll meet afterward, etc.)
  • discuss our in-season meeting schedule for January & February, and what we can do differently/better than last year

Tuesday, December 16 – No meeting. You’ve got finals, so spend the time studying.

Sunday, December 21 – No meeting. Too close to the holiday.

Tuesday, December 23 – No meeting. Too close to the holiday.

Saturday, January 3 – Kickoff Day!

The admin, mechanical, and electrical groups are in pretty good shape and/or can’t really do anything more until kickoff. The programming team, though, could definitely spend some time designing and working on the new codebase before kickoff. If the programmers are willing and most of the 4 or 5 (or whomever is interested) can make it, we could try to get together on December 28, 29, or 30th. Time, place, and other details would have to be determined.