Pre-Halloween Update

The Halloween Parade is on its way! The past few weeks we’ve been getting ready for the parade. We’ve made serious progress on float decorations, successfully prepared both robots to drive in the parade.
We were one of the FRC teams selected to get a copy of the new roboRIO on-board robot software and libraries early so that we would go through and work out all the kinks of the system. We will report back to FIRST, telling them about the things they may have missed during their own internal testing, so that they will release improved software to the public. We are the “Beta Testers” which is a standard part of the testing process. We are super excited to have early access to the system and we are currently working on our own tests.
We also announced and released Strongback, find us at or at our twitter: @strongbacklib
Work on a new chassis for our off-season robot has begun! We think we’ve reached the final design and we are currently in the fabrication process.