Fall status update 1

Alright, the off season has really gotten started! The past few meetings we’ve been getting the projects we want to work on in the off season started. The main project that nearly all the individual teams are contributing to is a Off-Season Robot (that is not yet the final name). We want to build a robot that the programmers can test new code on and use as a test bed for Strongback. The Mechanical team will practice building and setting up the new two-speed gearbox, and designing and constructing the modular structure. The electrical team always wants practice wiring and playing with new actuators, sensors, and the new control system.

Each team has smaller side projects that will help them practice while we design and order the parts for the Off-Season Robot. Electrical is figuring out Arduino, Admin is working on grants, sponsorships, budgeting, and documentation, and Mechanical is working on figuring out the two-speed gearbox.

We are looking forward to getting into the Fab Lab and working with hardware. Until then we are working in the classroom and limited to more conceptual prototyping and computer work.