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I am a member of Administration and give quick updates to the site, giving insight as to what this team is up to.

GRC Was a Success!

Edwardsville Robotics is at it again! The team went to Hazelwood for an off-season competition and had a great time. Many of the members attended and were able to do things that they weren’t able to do at the last competition. For instance, many of the team members were given a chance to drive. It was a great oppurtunity to familiarize yourself with what our robot can do and how easy it is to manuever. We were also able to talk with other teams and see what they did to make their robot more functional. That will definitley help us in the future for planning what kind of things to do in the future structure wise. Overall, we ranked 21st out of 25 teams. We didn’t rank too high, however, we were picked in the first round of eliminations (BIG DEAL!!!!!). This competition was a great experience for us and we look forward to more in the future!

Wir Gastgeber einer deutschen Mannschaft!

That’s right! We hosted a German FTC team for the FIRST Robotics World Championship. ¬†Everyone had such a great time with them. The German-American team flew into the city of Saint Louis at the beginning the week. The team unfortunately got some of their equipment confiscated on the way over but luckily we were able to supply them with sufficient tools and parts. On the first day that the German team and Team 4931 were able to actually get together: we went laser tagging and the teammates and mentors were able to really spend some time together and shave some fun. ¬†The next day, the teams went to the City Museum and concluded the visit with a nice swim. The teams seemed to get along very well an had a lot of fun with each other. It was a great experience and Team 4931 would love to do it again if given the chance.

Preparing for a Big Week

This week has consisted of lots of hustle and bustle. The papers are flying as we go through receipts and paperwork still needed to be completed. The staple guns are at work as the bumpers are being completed. Everything seems to be hectic at this point but calming down at the same time. We hope to see resolution soon as the competition nears and nears everyday.