2015 FRC Kickoff event

The team will be attending the St. Louis regional FRC kickoff event for 2015 at Clayton High School.

Meet in the parking lot at the N.O. Nelson campus at 7AM on Saturday, January 3. We’ll carpool to the event in St. Louis, watch the live broadcast, get our decryption key, pick up our kit of parts, and return back to the N.O. Nelson campus where we’ll eat lunch, review the game rules, brainstorm, and start conceptual design. Be sure to bring any laptops that you will want during the afternoon.

FIRST has released several documents that you can download ahead of time:

Most of the documents are encrypted, and all teams will get the decryption key during the live event on Saturday. But FIRST recommends that you download the files before kickoff. (FIRST has also provided an decryption test – simply download the encrypted test document and try to decrypt with the given decryption key.)